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Cakes, Cakesicles, Cookies, and More: Whisk and Pearl

Whisk and Pearl Cake Studio creates themed cakes, cake pops, cakesicles, cookies, and more, all coordinated for the big event!
By Jessica Vicars

Our children’s birthday cakes and treats are more than just dessert, they represent a special piece of a moment in time in which we get to celebrate the littles that mean the most to us. And because of that, it takes just the right person to create the perfect cake to honor those extraordinary moments. Carolynn Gill, Owner of Whisk and Pearl, truly cherishes being a part of those occasions that are so special – and creates culinary marvels worthy of each of those celebrations. Carolynn creates themed custom cakes in Atlanta, cake pops, cakesicles, cookies, and more, all coordinated for the big event. Let’s get baking with Whisk and Pearl!

Extraordinary Treats for Extraordinary Moments

Carolynn started her baking career as an Assistant Pastry Chef at Piedmont Driving Club in Atlanta. She is a professionally trained baker with a heart for hospitality and a passion for trying the newest culinary trends. After having children, she started Whisk and Pearl to have the chance to bake from home and spend more time with her kids. She obtained her Cottage Food License and converted her dining room into a bake shop. Then, her business took off!

But what makes Whisk and Pearl so special is Carolynn’s passion for using her talent to not only support her family, but to encourage and inspire others. “I am so grateful that I get to use my gift to celebrate others and be a part of those special moments. If I do nothing else in this world, I know that I have done my best to use the talent God has given me to spread light and encouragement to every person I get to work with; every child I create cakes for,” shared Carolynn. And that is what is truly inspiring about this business.

Whisk and Pearl creates so many fun and unique baked treats to accompany any themed party for kids. From custom cakes, cake pops, and cupcakes, to cookies and cakesicles, Carolynn can bring just about any idea to life. “I don’t want my clients to stress. Just send me your ideas and I love to take my creative energy and pour into the inspiration you send to me,” shared Carolynn.

Many clients don’t just order a cake, but a variety of baked items all coordinated in theme, a unique concept that Whisk and Pearl offers.

“I love doing themed parties; there is so much fun and creativity that goes into them. Instead of doing a larger tiered cake, a lot of my clients like to try a cake for 20, then add a mix of cookies and cakesicles to go with it,” shared Carolynn.

Sugar and Fun: New Cake and Cookie Decorating Parties

Whisk and Pearl has even started bringing cake and cookie decorating experiences to events for children around Atlanta! They bring pre-made cupcakes or cookies, along with everything needed to decorate, including icing, themed toppers, sprinkles, and more, all coordinated with the party theme. Carolynn provides a demonstration and guidance for how to decorate the perfect cupcake or cookie. Then, kids get to work, creating their own baked delight. We love this concept for the perfect at-home cupcake decorating birthdau party or cookie decorating birthday party!

Q&A with Carolynn Gill, Owner at Whisk and Pearl

We recently got to chat with Carolynn to learn more about how she creates the perfect custom cakes in Atlanta and treats for kids and - the new baking parties she is now hosting!

What have been some of your most favorite custom themed cakes you have created?

I loved a recent Alice in Wonderland theme – it included cupcakes, smash cake, topsy turvy cake, and matching cookies. The way it all came together was so wonderful. And – the host had decorated the home so beautifully; my desserts just came alive in the room.

I also recently did a glow in the dark cake for a glow party – that was awesome too!

What should parents know when working with you for custom cakes in Atlanta and treats for their child’s birthday party?

All parents need to do is send me inspiration and ideas, any design, and themed concepts for the birthday party. The more you can send the better, but I can also work with just a single color! I can use any inspiration to create custom cakes and treats that perfectly fit your theme! I recommend booking a minimum of two weeks ahead, but more than that is great!

Tell us what makes desserts and cakes from Whisk and Pearl so unique.

I love trying new things and taking on a challenge. I enjoy staying on top of what is trending, especially around the world. Bakers in countries such as Iceland seem to be years ahead of the US; some new mediums and techniques can be challenging, but I like to see what they are doing. I’m not afraid of rice paper or fondant, wafer paper sheets and more. I love a good challenge. I am always looking at how I can incorporate new ideas and challenge my customers to go outside of the basic things that can be found on Pinterest. It’s so much more than a cake -it is art!

I love the cakesicle concept! Can you share more about cakesicles?

Cakesickles are like an old school popsicle shape. They are made similarly to a cake pop with a silicone mold. They come in different shapes; some look like corkscrews, some are geometric, some are squared. Cakesickles are better for bakers than cake pops because they have a bigger surface area. I recently did a jungle themed party with a smash cake, matching cake pops and then cakesicles with elephant ear leaves on the cakesicles. The larger surface area provides more room to add all the fun details.

Tell us about the new events Whisk and Pearl is offering part kids birthday parties in Atlanta!

I recently started hosting cupcake and cookie decorating parties for kids! We come to you and provide pre-made cupcakes, cookies or cakesicles, along with everything needed to decorate them. We bring icing, themed toppers, sprinkles, and more, all coordinated with the party theme. I provide a demonstration and guidance for how to decorate the perfect cupcake, cookie, or cakesicle. Then, kids get to use their imagination to create their dream cupcake or dessert. I recently tried this for a three-year-old birthday party, and it was such a hit. These events are only getting started and I can’t wait to share more as we grow!

As we wrap up, can you tell me what you love most about being a part of kids birthday parties around Atlanta?

When I was 18, I watched a Food Network wedding cake challenge. I remember watching them pipe all of these little details and being so inspired. It’s so amazing to me that I get to use my God-given talent to celebrate people. I love that I get to be a part of a birthday boy or birthday girl’s special celebration, or part of your wedding day or your gender reveal. It’s so special; I get goosebumps. I didn’t know I would use my gifts like this, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of these special moments!

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