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FAQ for Businesses

What is Confetti Jar?

Confetti Jar is Atlanta's platform for parents to find and book everything for kids birthday parties! Created by a local mom of 3, Confetti Jar makes party planning easier and more fun for parents.

Through our website and Instagram page, we also offer resources for Atlanta parents to find ideas and inspiration to plan truly fun and memorable kids parties!

On the Confetti Jar website, parents can search, filter, and request to book exactly what they need when planning kids birthday parties around Atlanta. Find kids party places, kids party rentals, birthday cake bakeries, kids birthday party entertainment, and more.

For businesses, Confetti Jar offers a cost-effective advertising tool, allowing you to promote your business to parents at the right time - when they are planning and ready to book birthday parties for their children. Our platform makes it simple for parents to contact you directly from our site, making it easier for you and them. You can also easily track ROI, ensuring you are seeing a return from your Confetti Jar subscription.

Why should I subscribe to Confetti Jar?

Confetti Jar is the only platform specifically dedicated to kids birthday parties in Atlanta! Confetti Jar is the party planning source for thousands of Atlanta-area parents.

Other advertising methods are expensive, time-consuming and don't ensure you are advertising to parents at exactly the time they are planning events. With Confetti Jar, you simply provide your business information once and we do the rest of the work - ensuring your business profile is there for parents looking for the products & services you provide. And - its much less expensive than any other marketing tools.

We promote Confetti Jar through our Instagram channel, advertising, and our partnership network. Our website also is listed on the first page of Google search results for parents looking for kids birthday parties in Atlanta.

How can I add my business listing to the Confetti Jar website?

The Confetti Jar business marketplace will launch on the website on January 29, 2024. Businesses can subscribe now to ensure their profile is available when we launch! All businesses that subscribe before the January 29 launch will receive 3 months free and a free feature on the Confetti Jar Instagram page.

To subscribe, visit the For Vendors page, choose your subscription option and follow the instructions to subscribe. Businesses will not be charged during the pre-launch period and your 3 months free begins when we launch on January 29, 2024.

How does the Confetti Jar Business Subscription work?

Business subscribe through the Confetti Jar website. After purchasing your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email with subject "Next Steps: Your Confetti Jar Subscription" with a link to provide all information needed to set up your Confetti Jar profile. The Confetti Jar team will review all content and photos, then post your business profile to the Confetti Jar website within 3 business days following receipt of all business information.

Once your Confetti Jar Business Profile is live, parents can contact you directly through the Confetti Jar website. By selecting "Book Now" from your profile, parents and party planners provide a date, time, and location of their event, along with other important details. That information is sent directly to you to respond and complete the booking process. There are no additional charges for new leads and responses.

Businesses can cancel their subscription at any time.

I subscribed! Where do I find the Business Profile Information Form?

The Business Information Form is HERE! After you have subscribed to Confetti Jar, please complete this form so we have all of the details we need to create your business profile and add tags / filters for parents and party planners to easily find your business. You will also need to send your photos / videos for you profile to

Your profile will launch with the marketplace on January 29 after this information has been provided. Feel free to email us with questions -!

What is the process for setting up my Confetti Jar profile?

After purchasing your subscription, you will receive an email from Confetti Jar directing you to the Confetti Jar Business Information. Please complete the short form to provide business information needed for your profile. Then send 3-10 photos and videos to to enhance your profile listing.

And you're done! We do all the work building and promoting your profile and you start receiving new event inquiries.

How can parents and party planners contact me through my Confetti Jar profile?

All profiles included a "Book Now" button. When parents and event planners select "Book Now," they will provide event details including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Description
  • Contact Information

All event details are shared with you via the email address you provide to us. Please respond to Confetti Jar inquiries as soon as possible to complete event bookings.

I subscribed to the Confetti Jar Business Subscription +Plus! How is my feature created?

Confetti Jar will be in touch within 2 weeks of receiving your subscription purchase to notify you of the schedule your features. We use the information, photos, and videos provided during set-up to create your Instagram feature. We may reach out to you if additional information is needed. We recommended engaging and re-sharing the post for additional promotion.

FAQ for Parents & Event Planners

What is Confetti Jar?

Confetti Jar is Atlanta's platform for parents to find and book everything for kids birthday parties! Created by a local mom of 3, Confetti Jar makes party planning easier and more fun for parents.

Through our website and Instagram page, we offer a single destination for parents and party planners to find everything they need for kids birthday parties in and around Atlanta. We are here to make it easier for you to plan and host parties the best birthday party ever by finding everything you need in a single destination.

How do I contact businesses to book?

Visit the vendor profiles and selected "Contact Now." Complete the short form and the business will be in touch to confirm or discuss your inquiry. There are no fees for contacting businesses through our platform. Note: Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a response from the business to confirm. All events and orders are confirmed directly through the business - not Confetti Jar.

Why should I use Confetti Jar to find businesses for kids parties?

Confetti Jar is the only resource in Atlanta specifically dedicated to kids parties - and created by a local mom of 3. The site makes it super simple to search, filter, and find businesses by location, theme, activity, and more. We also feature fun and unique ideas so you can find new activities, venues, party places and more to create celebrations that are truly memorable.

Does Confetti Jar charge a fee for booking through the platform?

Nope! No fees. Vendors pay a small subscription fee to be listed on the platform and neither vendors nor parents are charged fees at booking. We want you to be able to find and book everything you need here without any additional charges.

Questions? Contact us!