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When you subscribe to Confetti Jar, your business profile will be added to our website. Visitors will be able to view your profile and request to book services directly through our website. For added promotion through social media and website features, choose the Confetti Jar +Plus Plan. After subscribing, look for your Welcome to Confetti Jar email to provide all profile details and photos.

Why Confetti Jar?

  • High visibility

    Thousands of parents around Atlanta follow Confetti Jar and use our resources for planning parties for kids. Our website is prominent in Google search results and new ads launch with the marketplace!

  • Simple set-up

    Get started in 3 simple steps: Subscribe, complete our Business Information form, send your photos & videos. And you are set! Quote inquiries will be sent directly to the email address provided.

  • Easy to use

    Confetti Jar is easy for parents too! They can easily search and filter to find exactly what they need, then easily request quotes for their event date and time.

Confetti Jar FAQ

What will my business profile look like?

Your Confetti Jar Business Profile will feature all of the photos & videos (up to 10 based on your subscription) that you provide to us, plus the business details provided through the Confetti Jar Business Information Form. AND - the Request Quote button on your profile will allow parents & party planners to easily request to book your kids party services.

How will parents contact us to book?

Each Confetti Jar Business Profile includes a "Request Quote" button. Visitors to our website select the "Request Quote" and provide the following details:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Event Description
  • Event Location
  • Requested Date
  • Requested Time

This information will be delivered directly to the email address provided in your Confetti Jar Business Information Form. You can respond directly to the requestor via phone or email to confirm booking.

Are there any additional fees when I receive quote requests or book events?

Nope! No additional fees. Your subscription included unlimited quote requests and bookings.

What is the difference between the standard Confetti Jar Business Subscription and Confetti Jar +Plus?

The Confetti Jar +Plus Business Subscriptions includes added promotion and marketing to drive more parents and party planners to your profile. This subscription include two features per year on the Confetti Jar Instagram page, features on the website homepage, and more to help promote your business. The standard Confetti Jar Business Subscription includes the Business Profile only.

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