All About Confetti Jar

We make kids' party planning easy for Atlanta area parents with a single destination to find and book everything for the best party ever. We also help kids' party businesses thrive by helping them reach Atlanta parents and party planners.

Hi, I'm Jessica.

I'm a local Atlanta mom of three, with a passion for kids' parties, building connections, and all things fun. I created Confetti Jar to make party planning for kids easier and more fun for parents, while helping the many amazing local businesses around Atlanta grow.

About Us

Confetti Jar makes planning kids' birthday parties around Atlanta easier and more fun for parents. Through our website and social media communities, we help parents and party planners find everything they need - all in one place - to create kids' birthday parties that are memorable, unique, and just plain awesome.

When parents search for kids’ party places, birthday party ideas, and kids' party entertainment through a simple search or asking in social media groups, they miss out on the huge number of truly unique and creative businesses across the Atlanta area. Plus, it can be time consuming and frustrating to spend hours searching across different sites to find the perfect kids' party venue, children's party entertainment, activities, decorations, party favors, birthday cakes and treats for the big event. Our mission is to make it simple and put the fun back into planning parties for girls and boys.

That's why we put everything you need for kids birthday parties around Atlanta all in one place - and its FREE to book through Confetti Jar.

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For party vendors - we love local businesses! We are here to help you grow, book more parties, and connect with more parents looking for the exact products and services you provide. Check out the For Vendors page to add your business and see your business featured on our social media pages.

Our Story: Creating a Kids' Birthday Party Resource

Confetti Jar was launched in 2023 by Jessica Vicars, a local Atlanta mom of three, with a passion for creating experiences that bring people together, spread joy, inspire creativity, and are truly focused on the fun.

In her hunt to find a way to bring her then three-year-old son’s love for firetrucks to life, she spent hours searching a company that could bring a firetruck to their house. She searched online, asked friends, posed questions in multiple moms’ groups on social media, and called fire stations. After coming up short, she went to the same channels searching for another idea. Many recommendations were too far, could not accommodate the age, or were booked for the dates needed.

She knew there had to be a better way.

After 15 years building, launching, and marketing software in the healthcare industry – and now married with three kids – she knew it was time to create something new that truly aligned with her passion and personal mission. Over coffee with a friend, the idea for a website for kids’ parties to solve the birthday party planning problem was born. 

As she got started building a resource for kids’ birthday parties in Atlanta, she met so many amazing business owners creating truly unique experiences for kids – most of which parents didn’t know about. She also learned that there are many, many busy parents just like her spending endless hours searching for vendors and planning parties. Now, we are here to connect the two.

There are so many amazing businesses, entrepreneurs and businesses creating cool and unique experiences for kids- we can’t wait to introduce you to them!

Confetti Jar aims to provide a valuable resource for parents and party planners, as well as local business owners. Our mission is to build community, bring people together, and create experience that inspire laughs in every child – for every celebration.

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