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Themed Spa Parties: Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta

Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta offers themed spa parties that include kids' manicures, pedicures, make-up, hair styling and up-dos, dress-up, and pampering. Themes includes princess parties, spa parties, popstar parties, girls rock parties, and fashion runway parties.
By Jessica Vicars

All the Glitter: Themed Salon Parties that Dazzle with Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta

Attention all glam gals and popstar divas! Now, you can make your child’s popstar dreams come true at Sweet & Sassy in Alpharetta / Crabapple, a full salon and spa designed to perfection for the ultimate kids’ celebration. The salon for kids and tweens offers event packages that include kids’ manicures and pedicures, make-up, hair styling and up-dos, dress-up, and pampering. But what makes these parties truly spa-tacular is the fun singing, dancing, princess coronation ceremonies, jam sessions, and runway fashion shows that give your superstar the chance to really shine! Let’s get rockin’ with Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta.

Get the Party Started: Launching the New Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta

When attending a Sweet & Sassy party with their daughter, Zach and Lisa Clark were amazed at the entertaining and creative activities - and how much fun their daughter and her friends had at the event. They knew immediately they wanted to open a second location so more families across Atlanta could experience this awesome concept.

They found the perfect spot for their new kids’ salon just north of Roswell, next to the Alpine Bakery. This new location opened in February 2023 and is super convenient to families in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Crabapple, East Cobb, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, and more. They constructed the entire location just for kids’ spa activities and events, complete with kids styling chairs, spa corner, runway with dazzling lights, and a hand-picked selection of princess, popstar, and rockstar dress-up costumes.

Glitz, Glam, and Rockin' Parties: All About the Sweet & Sassy Magic

In addition to kids’ haircuts, manicures, and pedicures, this fabulous kids’ salon offers creative and exciting parties. Each event includes special details that make the celebration unique and memorable for the guest of honor and all partygoers. For example, as part of the Princess Party, each child completes a ‘Gab Card,’ making her princess dreams a reality.

“We ask each of the guests questions, such as, ‘If you were a princess, what would your sidekick animal be?’ ‘What land do you rule over?’ It’s so funny to hear what they come up with! When they come out on the runway, we announce it, they get crowned, and get their princess certificate. Everyone claps and cheers! The birthday girl goes last, and we create quite a hoopla to make it extra exciting for them!” explained Lisa Clark, Owner of Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta.

For the Girls Rock, popstar-themed party, each attendee comes up with their own popstar name. They also get to walk the runway and hear their rock star name announced, then join in for ultimate dance party on the Sweet & Sassy stage. They get accessories for each theme such as a crown and ring for the princess parties and a boa for the fashion runway parties. Guests at a Girls Rock party get fun clip-in colored hair, microphone, and fish net gloves. And an extra special hit when it comes to parties for girls – the GLITTER spray to wrap up the party takes the cake.

“After cake, they all gather around the stage to sing the “Sweet & Sassy Happy Birthday” song! We spray a TON of glitter, and everyone loves it!” Lisa shared.

Super Sweet Party Packages

Sweet & Sassy offers four different types of parties, giving your star a full set of options for the ultimate celebration. Packages include:

Perfect Princess Party: This party brings every princess dream to life. Includes up-do with a tiara, shimmery make-up, nail polish, princess dress-up, princess coronation ceremony, princess certificate and of course, dancing.

Spa-tacular Party: This party is all about the pampering and spa experience. Includes a sweet treat pedicure, facial, up-do, make-up, nail polish, and hand treatment. This package even comes with the make-your-own station featuring bath salt, sugar scrub, body glitter, or glitter lotion.

Girls Rock Party: This party is perfect for the aspiring popstar. Includes popstar costumes, popstar up-do with colored hair extensions, popstar make-up, and the ultimate jam session on the Sweet & Sassy stage.

Fashion Runway Party: This party gets your divas ready for the runway. Includes fashionista dress-up, runway up-do, make-up, nail polish, strike-a-pose workshop, photo prop fun, and a fashion show finale.

Each party is an hour and a half. Events are great for kids and tweens ages 4-12 and some as young as two. Party packages range from $425-$500 for 6 guests, but more guests can be added. Plus, Sweet & Sassy offers unique and fun add-ons such as making your own bath salt, sugar scrub, body glitter or glitter lotion! With that, you even have a truly special party favor for all guests! Hosts can also add the goody bag as a favor which includes a color changing cup, bath bomb, lip gloss, and a temporary tattoo.

Q&A with Lisa Clark, Co-Owner, Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta

We caught up with Lisa at the Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta salon and got to experience a Princess Party first-hand. She shared more details about what makes this kids salon the perfect venue for any girl’s birthday party or celebration.

We have heard so many great things about Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta! Tell us what makes this kids’ party venue so special?

We are all about creating that ‘WOW’ experience for every single person that walks through the door. Whether they are coming in for a birthday party, camp, or spa service, we aim to create something truly memorable. We add so many small details and touches that really create an exceptional experience for girls and boys coming into our salon. We love hosting parties and making kids feel special!

What makes your salon techniques ideal for kids and tweens?

We don’t use any sharp utensils; in fact, we usually file nails as opposed to cutting them and don’t cut cuticles. Its more about the glam and fun! All our products are made specifically for Sweet & Sassy and are free from harsh chemicals. We offer lots and lots of glitter spray and little touches like stickers and rings that every little girl loves. In our salon, we even make the ear-piercing experience fun for kids with our “Ear Piercing with a Princess” event that we host once a month. A princess comes in and it’s a fun distraction. Also, we pierce both ears at the same time – so much easier for younger kids!

What should parents know about booking their child’s salon party at Sweet & Sassy?

We aim to make it as easy as possible for parents! We don’t have any restrictions as to food they can bring; they can bring anything they’d like and will have about 15-20 minutes for food and treats. We do not provide food, drinks, or utensils so each party brings their own.

We will have a table and the space set-up. Each group gets the party space to themselves, including make-up stations, runway, and dance floor.

We are flexible with parties and can customize as needed. If parents have anything they’d like to do differently with the party plan or package, we can often make that happen. They can also customize packages with a combination of our services.

We even have cute gifts and gift bags so parents can easily grab a gift here when coming to a party. Our gifts are fun and unique; we sell items such as stickable glitter that kids love to put on their face and hair. We partnered with a local mom and daughter to sell their jewelry made of crayons. They have customized special colors just for Sweet & Sassy!

What do girls love most about Sweet & Sassy?

We have actually asked this quite a few times! They always tell us they love all the fun colors and picking out their make-up. It’s very glittery, and they love that. When we ask, ‘Do you want glitter in your hair?’… you should see their faces light up! We have tons of glitter at all our parties!

They also enjoy getting to pick the music and dance around during our big dance party finale! With glitter, of course.

It was so fun getting to talk with you today and see the salon! As we wrap up, tell me what you enjoy most about hosting kids’ parties?

I love to be able to bring a smile to the kids’ faces- it means so much. We love providing an experience that is easy and enjoyable for the parents too. They are so happy to come and have it all right here! It’s also less work for them because they don’t have to decorate or clean up. But the best part is really making every child happy and feel special on their big day!

To learn more or book your next party, visit the Sweet & Sassy Alpharetta website, follow them on Instagram, or stop by for a visit:

12315 Crabapple Road #102

Alpharetta, GA 30004

“Come in and check us out! Kids can get some glitter and smelly scents in their hair, hearts and stars on their face. We’d love to meet you and show you how much fun our spa, salon, and party haven can be!”

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