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7 Tips for Planning a DIY Birthday Party

By Jessica Vicars

How to Plan a DIY Birthday Party in Atlanta

Planning a kids birthday party in Atlanta can be so much fun - and an opportunity to use your creative energy to create an amazing experience for your kids. And, if you love a good DIY project, this is your time to shine. Birthday parties offer so many opportunities for creativity, crafts, decor, activities and more - a DIY expert's dream. So, for all of our DIY enthusiasts, we partnered with Lynn Lilly, DIY expert and CEO of Creative Living with Lynn Lilly to share tips for planning a DIY kids birthday party in Atlanta.

Creative Living with Lynn Lilly offers creativity and inspiration through easy craft and DIY projects, design inspiration for children through Craft Box Girls, and a colorful line of totes and pouches through Lynn Lilly Designs.

“I absolutely love hosting and planning birthday parties for my girls. Getting to share these special moments with my kids is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent! As a DIY expert, I enjoy adding some of my favorite DIY touches to every birthday party. I am so excited to work with Confetti Jar to help parents around Atlanta plan and host the best kids birthday parties!”

Confetti Jar helps parents find and book everything they need for kids birthday parties around Atlanta. From the best kids party places, to fun and unique kids party entertainment, to bakeries, kids party rentals, decorations, and more - Confetti Jar has it all. We are making birthday party planning fun and easy for Atlanta area parents so they can truly enjoy the memories and celebrate special moments with their kids.

Now, let’s get started with our 7 Tips for Planning a DIY Kids Birthday Party!

Tips for Planning DIY Birthday Party


Choose an Awesome Theme

First, you need an awesome birthday party theme! The right theme is an important first step when planning a DIY birthday party. Choose a theme that you can bring to life through your decorations, activities, food, and party favors. For example, a princess or superhero theme opens a huge range of possibilities. When picking a theme, think beyond decorations - and consider activities and food that will all tie with your theme. Some of our favorite kids birthday party themes include:

  • Construction
  • Legos
  • Unicorns
  • Beach
  • Sports
  • Animal

Birthday party themes in these categories have so many DIY possibilities!


Decide What You Will Manage vs. What You Will Hire

Even DIY experts outsource some portions of birthday party planning. To make the planning and hosting experience fun for you, create what you love and outsource the rest. Do you enjoy cooking and culinary marvels? Or do you love crafting and decorating? Maybe you love the energy of hosting and leading activities with partygoers?

Make a list of what you will do on your own and outsource the rest. The good news is - Confetti Jar is here to help you find the best kids birthday party businesses around Atlanta for the activities you choose to outsource!


Plan Activities that Rock!

Because the activities are the best part, right?! Kids and parents alike will remember the fun, the entertainment, and how your event truly made them feel. So put the majority of your energy into ensuring the activities rock. This is for kids - and kids love to have fun!

We love activities that are active, engaging and creative. For a 2 hour event, include at least 3-5 activities in an 1.5 hour time frame (saving 30 minutes for cake and celebrating). If you are hiring kids party entertainment, they will manage this for you and ensure there are multiple games and activities to keep kids engaged through the duration of the party. If you are leading activities, a sample list of activities for 1.5 hours may include bounce house, craft, and music with singing and dancing. Another list of activities may include a craft (create a shield), nerf battle, relay race.


Show Your DIY Skills with Unique Touches

If you are a DIY lover, choose a few unique touches that show your DIY expertise. Maybe you create a super creative themed snack. Or, design a collage or video to show with photos of your child. A creative addition gives you the opportunity to truly personalize your event and have fun getting that creative energy going.


Give Yourself Enough Time

Planning a DIY birthday party can be stressful if you don’t give yourself enough time. Plan ahead to schedule when you will create your DIY items. Schedule all prep into your own calendar to ensure you are ready for the big day.  Plan your day of schedule to avoid any stress because you want to enjoy the day too!


Use Your Checklist

As the big day approaches, use your checklist to ensure you have everything on hand and all activities planned and scheduled. Download this awesome checklist from Confetti Jar so the big day runs smoothly!


Relax and Have Fun!

And the most important - relax and have fun! Kids birthday parties are meant to be special and memorable; you only get so many of these moments in which your child is truly in awe of a celebration that is just for them. Celebrate your little one and enjoy every moment!

That’s a wrap on our 7 Tips for Planning a DIY Birthday Party! Now, head on over to Confetti Jar to find and book the best kids birthday party ideas and vendors around Atlanta. And, check out Craft Box Girls and Creative Living with Lynn Lilly for more DIY tips, crafts, activities and more.
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