Down on the Farm with Mini Zoo Party

Down on the Farm with Mini Zoo Party

Mini Zoo Party brings the fun to you with a mobile petting zoo, pony rides, trackless train, bounce houses, and tractor hayrides for a super exciting kids’ party. 
By Jessica Vicars

Petting Zoo with a Purpose: Down on the Farm with Mini Zoo Party

This amazing family creates so much more than fun parties for kids; they bring purpose and meaning to every event they host. A love for animals and a passion for inspiring kids motivates this family-owned business to bring the magic of farm-themed parties and adventures to families all around Atlanta. Today, we hop on over to chat with Jessica Franklin and her family at Mini Zoo Party. Let’s get mooooo -ving!

Bringing the Farm to You

Mini Zoo Party brings the fun to you with a mobile petting zoo, pony rides, trackless train, bounce houses, and tractor hayrides for a super exciting kids’ party. The family started their business 14 years ago when they when on a hunt for a petting zoo to come to their son’s first birthday party and couldn’t find a solution. So, they created their own mobile petting zoo. The team provides an experience for kids to touch and learn with goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, bunnies, and even turkeys. They bring 20-25 animals onsite to your petting zoo party. And sometimes, the baby lambs and baby goats join in for their “practice” before they are ready for the big time.

As the business grew, Mini Zoo Party added a trackless train and tractor for more excitement. The team has six mobile trucks and a farm located in Kennesaw. Each truck typically does two events a day. During the week, they support parties at daycares or schools. Now, they even offer bounce houses for the full party extravaganza. For kids looking for the true farm experience, they can even have their party at the Mini Zoo Party farm in Kennesaw. The location is not open to the public, only for private events, creating a perfect experience for just you and your farm party crew.

Farm Fun for a Purpose

Mini Zoo party was inspired by Jessica’s passion for rescuing animals. Growing up, her mom ran Lassiter Animal Hospital, encouraging her love for animals. At Mini Zoo Party, over 40% of their animals are rescues. The team rescued Chocolate, their sweet goat, after she was left in a pen barely big enough for her to stand with her babies. Her hooves were grown and she couldn’t even walk. After taking her in, the family quickly nurtured her back to full health, allowing her to walk and thrive with her babies.

“We find animals at auctions or bring them in when people cannot take care of them. Our passion is rescuing and taking care of animals. Through Mini Zoo Party, we do our part to promote animal welfare. We allow kids to fall in love with animals, so they are less likely to mistreat them,” shared Jessica. “Our parties are not only fun, but educational. We help kids learn about animals and seek to inspire the love that we have for them.”

We are also so inspired by these incredible stories and the mission behind Mini Zoo Party!

Q&A with Jessica at Mini Zoo Party

We caught up with Jessica Franklin and her family to learn a little more about their fun and meaningful business.

What do parents need to know to prepare for their child’s party with Mini Zoo Party?

We aim to make it as easy as possible for parents. All we need is a 15’x15’ space for the animals. It does not have to be a yard; we have done many city parties in driveways or parking lots. We bring everything the animals need to be happy and comfortable. Parents can choose a laid-back gathering where kids can freely interact with the animals, or they can opt for a more structured party with our knowledgeable staff available to answer all the curious questions kids might have.

What is your favorite part of hosting parties for kids?

The kids and animals together are so much fun! We have just as much fun as the partygoers, watching the kids interact with the animals and the animals with the kids. We love watching kids develop a love and appreciation for animals. My daughter Mia hosts a lot of our parties and I know her favorite part is watching kids light up with joy as they see the animals.

Can you share a funny story or experience you have had at a party?

We have fun listening to all the questions the kids ask; they are so interested and curious. “How often do the animals sleep? How do they sleep? Do they need to sleep? What do they eat? Do they bite? Can I have it?” If one of the animals poops, a child will always let us know and shout, “Oh my, they pooped!”

Which type of party do you find to be the most popular?

Definitely still the petting zoo! About 75% of our parties are petting zoos and the pony rides usually go along with the petting zoo. Next are the train rides and hayride tractor rides. Especially through the Fall and month of October, we do a lot of hayrides! But we consistently find that kids just love getting to play and spend time with the animals. It creates a really unique party experience that fuels the majority of our business.

I have loved talking to you and learning more about Mini Zoo Party! Before we close, tell me what it is about Mini Zoo Party that makes the business truly special.

We are so passionate about what we do and love every minute. As a family run company, I can honestly say I personally know everyone we send out to every party. We put so much work into hiring the right people. We truly have amazing people. Every person on our team is incredible and so great with kids. I know they will host the perfect petting zoo experience for your party!

To get your petting zoo party started, contact the Mini Zoo Party team through their website or email Jessica at

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