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Creating Moments of Wonder with Southern Belle Princess Parties

Southern Belle Princess Parties creates magic and enchantment through character parties, superhero parties, princess parties, face painting and more for kids across Atlanta.
By Jessica Vicars

Magic that Lights Up the Party: Creating Moments of Wonder with Southern Belle Princess Parties Atlanta

After spending a few second talking with Becky Walls, Founder of Southern Belle Princess Parties, you will truly believe in the magic that dreams are made of. Full of enthusiasm and exuding a joy that is contagious, Becky and her team make Atlanta princess parties and character parties with Southern Belle Princess Parties absolute perfection. Let’s jump onto a magic carpet ride to learn how fairytales really can come true.

Have Faith in Your Dreams

“When I was 7 years old, Ariel came to my birthday. It wasn’t until a year or two later that I realized she was a performer. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be a Disney character performer. It was my dream,” Becky told us. And she made it happen.

When Becky graduated college, she started down the path of making her dream a reality. She auditioned for a character role at Disney and was offered the fairytale opportunity. She took on a 6-month contract role as a character at Disney’s Magic Kingdom where she learned the intricate details and precise coordination of bringing the magic of Disney characters to life. After her time at Disney, she moved back to Atlanta to start a role as a teacher, while also looking for opportunities to perform as a princess character. But she quickly discovered there were no character businesses in the area. So, in 2017, Becky started Southern Belle Princess Parties. With a lot of hard work and passion for the work, the business blossomed.

“Who says that my dreams just have to stay dreams” - Ariel

Filling the World with Sunshine

Southern Belle Princess Parties now creates magic and enchantment for kids all over Atlanta with over 115 characters performing at multiple events each week. From Disney characters Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, and Snow White, to superheroes, magicians, and even swimming mermaids, the team of over 70 people can bring the magic of just about any character to life.

Parents and party hosts can choose from multiple packages that range 30-minutes of storytelling, games, and sing-a-longs to two hours of action-packed adventures and performances. Events are super interactive, making it fun for every child and even parents attending. Packages can include activities that truly immerse partygoers into the characters’ world, including:

  • Live singing and acting performances
  • Sharing the character’s story and allowing children to ask questions
  • Royal lessons and games
  • Activities such as face painting, nail polish, makeup, and balloon animals
  • Happy Birthday song by the dream characters

All performers complete a comprehensive training, so even the most curious child truly believes in the magic. The organization even has two vocal coaches to ensure star-level performances. From singing and dancing, to knowing every facet of the character’s life, no detail is missed in the process of keeping the magic alive for every children's birthday party in Atlanta.

Q&A with Becky Walls, Founder of Southern Belle Princess Parties

We chatted with Becky to learn more about her passion for creating magical experiences and flawless performances for each and every princess party in Atlanta and character party in Atlanta.

Your performers are so real! How do you find and coach performers to deliver the magical experience your business creates for each kids birthday party in Atlanta?

With the growth in the film industry here in Atlanta, we have so many amazing performers moving to the area! Many are working on sets during the week, and work with us for kids birthday parties on the weekends. It’s so much fun; many of them tell us, ‘This job is why I push through my job during the week- to go and make the magic on the weekends.’

All of our performers go through intense training, with a 40-page manual to read through, and a 100-page training and onboarding process. They spend time practicing kids birthday party activities, such as face painting and balloon twists. Each time they play new character they take on full training for each character. Training includes things like makeup, dialogue, and knowing specific phrases. They attend birthday parties dressed as themselves to be helper and learn, observing parties for two months until ready to perform. Then, they perform with another person before hosting a party on their own; so it’s quite a process to ensure we deliver on every detail. We really aim for true Disney quality.

What is the funniest thing you have seen at an event?

The reason kids believe in the magic can be really funny sometimes. One child said, ‘If you are really Cinderella, let me see the shoes.’ We try to be as ‘Disney accurate’ as possible; we actually have the Disney-specific glass slippers! She said, ‘OMG, it IS you!’

One time when I was performing as Ariel, a child asked, ‘Do you remember me, I saw you at Disney world?!’  And I replied, ‘Oh, of course I do! You visited me in my grotto!’ We really aim to keep the magic alive by being as real as possible. Also, the parents laugh and love seeing us answer these kinds of questions.

How should parents prepare for princess and superhero characters joining their child’s birthday party?

Ahead of the party, we send out a detailed document: ‘Preparing for My Party,’ which answers FAQ, how to set-up, and what hosts should provide. Characters work best with a small intimate group of around 10 - 15 kids, so they can ask questions and interact. Typically hosts provide a table and chairs; they’ll also need a cup of water for face painting. It can be simple and easy for parents! If the birhtday party includes a swimming mermaid, the host provides the pool. As a sample schedule, for a two-hour party, we typically allow 30-minutes for guests to arrive, we conduct our performance, then the host do birthday cake and presents after. Our goal is for parents not to have to worry about anything during their Atlanta princess party!

What is your favorite part of working with Atlanta kids’ birthday parties?

I truly love getting to see how much magic we bring to kids. Parents email us after parties to say things like, ‘My child sleeps with the picture of them and Ariel!’ ‘They still talk about it, still want to watch the video!’ To think that a year later the child is still talking about a memory we created with them is so special.

I remember being seven and telling my friends the little mermaid came to my house. I remember the joy and wonder I felt as a child. As adults we don’t always get to experience the childlike magic. Now, as an adult getting to bring that spark of magic to kids brings back so many memories. I also see that parents enjoy the experience too; they remember believing in Cinderella and experience a moment of that childlike magic again.

These characters are timeliness and ageless. Now, I see my four-year-old niece experiencing the same magic and awe of Ariel as I did when I was seven. The magic and wonder; it’s something I cherish and will always love about this.

Oh, I remember those days! I also loved the princess magic and talking to you today has brought back so many of those memories! Before we wrap up, tell me what else we should share that makes Southern Belle Princess Parties unique?

We have the most amazing team. They are so talented and passionate about the work they do; they love the experience as much as the kids! We are so fortunate to have incredible clients that believe in us and believe in our mission. As we continue to grow, we are bringing on more people full time and it is so special to create dream jobs for more amazing individuals that work with us. Sometimes as adults, it’s hard to have magic, but we are creating magical lives for our team of performers, every child at each party we serve, and the parents joining in on the fun too. I love this dream business and hope to share the magic with each of you soon!

To add some pixie dust or super power to your next kids’ birthday party in Atlanta, learn more about Southern Belle Princess Parties through their website or book here.


Southern Belle Princess Parties deliveries Atlanta princess parties across the metro Atlanta area incuding, Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Canton, Chamblee, Decatur, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Marietta, Midtown Atlanta, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, Vinings, Woodstock, and more.


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