Where to Host a Kids Birthday Party Around Atlanta

Where to Host a Kids Birthday Party Around Atlanta

By Jessica Vicars

There are so many amazing kids birthday party places around Atlanta… fun and unique kids party venues for all ages that give your kids the opportunity to celebrate their big day doing just what they love most. Or - should you host at home and hire the best kids birthday party entertainment?! So many options… and we are here to help you decide with tips and things to consider when choosing where to host your child’s birthday around Atlanta.

Confetti Jar is the ultimate resource for parents to find and book everything you need for kids birthday parties around Atlanta. From the best kids party places to fun and unique kids birthday party entertainment, bakeries, kids party rentals, decorations, and even custom party supplies from local businesses - Confetti Jar has it all.

Confetti Jar was started by a local Atlanta mom in 2023. The platform offers insight and inspiration, plus the ability to book everything for kids birthday parties directly from the website. Booking is free for parents and vendors - no additional fees are charged when booking through Confetti Jar. Vendors pay a small monthly fee to be listed on the website. We are here to help you plan the best kids birthday party ever! Let's get started!

What should I consider when choosing where to host my child’s birthday party?

First, here is what we recommend you plan and consider before determining a birthday party venue:

  • Establish a Budget: Establish a budget for your event that you can stick to. Consider all items needed for planning your child’s birthday party including venue fees, activities and supplies, rentals, decorations, food, birthday cake and treats, and party favors. You may also consider photographers, event planner, and other services to make hosting your party a breeze.
  • Determine a Theme: What does your child love? Do they love sports, princesses, super heroes, action-packed adventure, animals, or all the glitz and glam? For littles, choose a fun theme for their age! We love getting creative with themes such First Trip Around the Sun, One-derland, Baby’s Rookie Year, One-der the Sea, Once Upon a Time, and so many more!
  • Number of Attendees: How many children will you be inviting? The entire school class or just a few friends? Will parents be attending also?

Once we have decided these things, its time to choose just the right kids party place for your child!

Should I host my child’s birthday party at home or a kids party place in Atlanta?

The first question to answer when deciding where to host your child’s birthday party is whether to host at home or another venue. Here are things to consider when choosing whether you should host your child’s birthday party at home or another location:

  • Budget: Most kids birthday party places charge a minimum of $200 to use their facility and likely charge a per child fee.
  • Space Available in Your Home: If you host at home, where will the party crew gather and participate in activities? A finished basement, large living area and kitchen space, or yard may be great options.
  • Time of Year: If you are considering hosting your child’s birthday party at home in your yard or other outdoor area, consider time of year. Will it be warm enough? Do you have back-up options in the event of rain or unpredictable weather?

If hosting a kids birthday party at home, consider answers the following questions:

  • Where will kids play?
  • Where will activities be held?
  • Where will you put food and beverages?
  • Where will partygoers will eat?
  • Where will parents gather?
  • Where will you place desserts and sing happy birthday?

If you love to host and you have answered these questions - then you’ve got your location! Birthday party at home! And check out all of our kids birthday party entertainment options, kids birthday party rentals, and the best local businesses to help you decorate and bring your theme to life.

Not up for a kids birthday party at home? Keep reading for tips to consider when choosing the best kids party place around Atlanta!

How to Choose the Best Kids Party Place Around Atlanta

Location: Determine how far you want your guest to drive. Do your guests live in close proximity to your area of Atlanta, or around the city? Would you like to stay in your area of town or venture out to try something new around Atlanta? There are many amazing kids birthday party places, you may want to consider venturing into new areas of town to make the celebration extra special. If the area of Atlanta is important, use the Location filter in Confetti Jar to browse by Atlanta-area towns are neighborhoods that are most convenient.

Open Venue or Planned Activities: Do you want an open venue that you can design yourself and bring your theme to life? Or are you looking for a kids birthday party place with planned and organized activities? Determine which of these event styles you’d prefer when selecting a birthday party venue.

Activity Type: What do your child love to do? Do they love to cook and bake, make desserts or treats? Do they like the glitz and glam of a salon and spa birthday party? How about dance or explore acrobatics, karate, and circus activities? Or obstacles and a ninja style birthday party? Are they into arts & crafts and would love to use their creativity and imagination to create something unique with their friends?

We’ve got great news - Confetti Jar can help you find and book kids birthday party places for any of these activities! Consider their favorite activities, then use Confetti Jar to filter our list of awesome kids party places in Atlanta by activity type to find something they will love.

Budget: Once, you have found a few options, review pricing and packaging for each venue. This can be found on the Confetti Jar website under the Business Pricing and Packaging tab for each kid's birthday party place profile. Keep in mind, most venues charge per child, so consider a package that will fit your attendee count. To keep within budget, consider all-inclusive options. Many kids party venues offer food, drinks, decor, and even party favors in some of their packages.

Birthday Party Packages: Be sure to understand what will be included in your party package and what you will choose to bring. Most all-inclusive packages do not offer birthday cakes or desserts, so we recommend considering local Atlanta bakeries to add these themed treats for your celebration. 

Does the package include a private party space? If so, how long will you have access to the space? Some venues may limit set-up and clean up time in their private party space so keep this in mind as you plan any decor or themed items you may be bringing.

Check to see if these items and extras are included in your kids birthday party package. That way, you can plan accordingly when finalizing your party plans:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Decorations
  • Paper goods including plates, cupcakes, napkins, utensils
  • Party favors
  • Party host or coordinator
  • Private party space

If food is not included in your package, understand requirements and options for bringing in your own food if you are planning to serve meals or snacks. Some venues may require use of their caterers or have limitations on the type of food that can be brought in.

Other considerations when choosing the best kids birthday party place around Atlanta:

  • Does the venue offer easy to access parking? Are there options you can provide your guests for convenient venue parking?
  • Does the venue require parents to stay for the duration of the event when children are under a certain age?
  • If families bring siblings, is there an additional cost for siblings?
  • Does the venue handle all set-up and clean-up?
  • Does the venue allow decorations?
  • What time of day does the venue schedule birthday parties? Some venues may schedule birthday parties around classes and other events.

Get Started Planning the Best Birthday Party Ever

Now, you are ready to find the ultimate kids birthday party place in Atlanta. Whether you are researching for birthday party places in Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody, East Cobb, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and more - we’ve got your covered. Keep our key considerations in mind when planning, including birthday party budget, your child’s favorite theme or activity, area of Atlanta, and be sure to review everything included in your birthday party package.

Head on over to our kids birthday party places collection and get started. From there, you can find the best party places around in Atlanta and book directly from the site.

Let’s start planning the best party ever!

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