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How to Choose Kids' Birthday Party Entertainment in Atlanta

Choosing kids party entertainment in Atlanta is ultimately one of the most important parts of planning your child's birthday party! Confetti Jar is here to help ensure you find just the right entertainment and activities for the best birthday party in Atlanta.
By Jessica Vicars

Choose the Best Kids' Birthday Party Entertainment in Atlanta

Planning you child's birthday party can be so much fun, yet sometimes a bit daunting. From selecting the perfect theme to arranging decorations and food, there are so many decisions to make. And - one of the most important elements that can make or break the celebration is the kids party entertainment in Atlanta. Choosing the right kids party entertainment means you create a truly memorable celebration and ensures partygoers have a blast! That’s why we created the comprehensive guide to help Atlanta area parents navigate the process of selecting kids party entertainment for your child's big day!

Everything to Consider When Choosing Kids Birthday Party Entertainment in Atlanta

Know the Age Range of the Party Crew

The first step in choosing kids party entertainment is to consider the age group of the children attending the party. Younger children attending a toddler birthday party in Atlanta may enjoy activities like soft play, bounce houses, music parties, or a petting zoo. Or for teen or tween birthday parties, consider more interactive options like nerf battles, carnival games, sports birthday parties, science experiments, spa parties, or themed treasure hunts.

Theme of the Birthday Party

Choose kids party entertainment to go with your birthday party theme! Whether it's a princess party, superhero extravaganza, or a circus adventure, there are party entertainment options available to complement any theme. For example, if you're hosting a princess-themed party, consider hiring a princess entertainer to lead the partygoers through sing-alongs, story-telling and face painting. Having a fire fighter themed party? Book a fire truck rental to come, complete with firefighting-themed games and activities! Or, work with your kids party entertainers to create activities aligned to your theme. For example, arts and crafts parties or slumber party rentals can be uniquely curated to fit your theme.

Party Venue and Space Availability

The party venue plays a significant role in determining the type of kids party entertainment you can have. If you're hosting the birthday party at home, you'll need kids party entertainment that can fit within your space limitations. Alternatively, if you're renting a venue, make sure to ask about any restrictions or requirements for entertainment setups. Inflatable bounce houses, for example, might not be permitted in indoor venues with limited space - or they may have a size restriction.

Keep Kids Engaged with Interactive Activities

Children love birthday party activities that allow them to participate and engage actively. Consider entertainment options that encourage interaction, such as craft stations, carnival games, singing and dancing, or sports activities. These activities not only keep the kids entertained, but also provide them with an opportunity to unleash their creativity and imagination.

Professional Entertainment vs. DIY Options

While DIY entertainment options can be budget-friendly, hiring professional entertainers can elevate the party experience and make planning and hosting so much easier for parents! Professional characters, circus performers, face painters, music instructors, or coaches are trained to captivate and entertain children, a sure guarantee your event will be a blast everyone. However, if you opt for DIY entertainment, make sure to plan activities in advance and enlist the help of friends and family members to assist. Another great option is hiring professional kids party entertainment with fun and unique equipment such as golf simulators, foam parties, carnival games, mobile mini golf, mobile spa parties, bubble houses, or bounce house rentals.

Safety and Supervision

Safety should always be a top priority when choosing kids party entertainment. Ensure that any inflatable structures or rides are properly secured and supervised by trained personnel. Additionally, consider the age appropriateness of activities and ensure that younger children are adequately supervised at all times.

Stick to a Kids Party Entertainment Budget

Determine your budget for event entertainment early in the planning process to avoid overspending. Keep in mind that entertainment costs can vary depending on the type of entertainment, duration, and any additional services included. Factor in all expenses, including equipment rentals, travel fees, and gratuities, to ensure that you stay within your budget constraints. When using Confetti Jar to find kids party entertainment, you can browse pricing for kids party entertainers and vendors around Atlanta on their profiles - even viewing package options. We save you time so you avoid bouncing around to multiple websites!

Check Out Feedback and Recommendations

Seek recommendations from other parents and read reviews on Confetti Jar to learn more about each kid's birthday party entertainment option - and make just the right choice for your big event!

And that’s a wrap! Now, you are ready to get started planning the best kids birthday party in Atlanta! When choosing kids' birthday party entertainment in Atlanta, consider all of the important factors including the age group, theme, venue, and budget constraints. By taking the time to plan ahead and browse all available options and ideas through Confetti Jar, you can plan birthday parties that rock!

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